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Below are links to galleries of photos taken by Ellen Davidson. They are arranged in date order, newest first. All photos are Creative Commons copyright, free for use for news and nonprofit purposes.


Shannon Airport Protest, 11-19-18
Barack Obama Plaza, Moneygall, Ireland, 11-19-18

International Conference Against U.S./NATO Military Bases 11-15 to 18-18

International Conference Candids
International Conference Sunday Plenaries 11-18-18
International Conference Evening Music and Singalong 11-17-18
International Conference Saturday Plenaries 11-17-18
International Conference Opening Event 11-16-18
International Conference March to Post Office 11-16-18
International Conference Press Conference and Meet/Greet 11-15-18

Lisa Shapiro-Thomas Vita Wedding 11-3-18
Keep Space for Peace Week at Bath Iron Works in Maine 10-6-18

Veterans For Peace Convention 2018

Kellogg-Briand Pact Panel 8-26-18
March to Landmark Center 8-26-18
Banquet 8-25-18
Business Meeting 8-25-18
Candid Shots from the Convention
Save Our VA Plenary 8-24-18
Middle East Plenary 8-24-18
Boatride on the Mississippi 8-23-18
Stan Levin does Semaphore at Opening Plenary 8-23-18
Opening Plenary 8-23-18
Poetry Reading 8-22-18

Afro Yaqui Music Collective at the Red Rooster 8-11-18
Two Anti-ICE Rallies in NYC 7-31-18
Anti-ICE Rally on Damariscotta Bridge, Maine, 6-30-2018
Veterans Peace Team Okinawa Presentation, Blue Hill, Maine, 6-29-2018
Jay Wenk Memorial Poetry Reading at Harmony Cafe 6-25-2018
Mazin Qumsiyeh at Inquiring Minds Bookstore, Saugerties, 6-22-2018
Jay Wenk Memorial 6-16-2018
Pia Alexander Memorial 6-15-18
Slide Show for Jay Wenk Memorial
Veterans Peace Team Training in Woodstock 6-2 and 3-18
Gaza Freedom Flotilla Fundraiser with Yonatan Shapira 6-1-18
VFP Korean War Veterans Memorial Ceremony 5-28-18
Memorial Day Letters to the Wall 5-28-18
Swords Into Plowshares Bell Tower Memorial Day 5-28-18
Veterans For Peace NYC/NJ Memorial Day Commemoration 5-27-18
Joel Kovel Memorial, New York City, 5-5-18
Fourth Annual Ray Korona Night at Peoples’ Voice Cafe 4-21-18
Spring Antiwar Action, New York City, 4-15-18
March for Our Lives, Washington, DC, 3-24-18
International Solidarity Movement Presentation in Albany 3-20-18
Ahed Tamimi Vigil New Paltz 2-18-18
Free Ahed Tamimi Demo at Penn Station 1-30-18
Women’s March in New York City 1-20-18

Eve Barak’s 75th Birthday

Party at Gene and Eve’s 1-14-18
Wakodahotchee Wetlands Preserve 1-14-18
Party at Tivoli Lakes Community Center 1-13-18
Green Cay Wetlands 1-13-18
Party at Village Tavern Restaurant 1-12-18


VFP Okinawa Delegation

Rally for the Anniversary of 2016 Osprey Crash 12-15-17
A Little Fitness Training 12-15-17
Memorial Site for Rina Shimabakuro 12-15-17
View from Kadena Observatory and Protest at Kadena Airforce Base Gate 12-15-17
Meeting with Kadena Activists 12-14-17
Visit to Takae and Yanbaru Forest 12-14-17
Miles Megaciph Released from Nago City Jail 12-14-17
Henoko and Ouro Bay 12-14-17
Jail Solidarity with Miles 12-13-17

Nago City Mayor Inamine Susumi 12-13-17
Protest at Camp Schwab Gate 12-13-17
Evening of Music im Henoko 12-12-17
Protest at Futenma Gate 12-12-17
History Tour of? Naha Area 12-11-17
Welcome Party 12-10-17
First Day Peace Tour Around Naha 12-10-17
Press Conference in Naha 12-10-17

Encuentro at the Border

Veterans March to the Border 11-11-17
Rally at the Federal Courthouse 11-10-17
Rally at the Eloy Federal Detention Center 11-10-17
North Texas Light Brigade at the Eloy Federal Detention Center

Jack Smith Memorial 9-9-17
Egypt Pond, Chesterville, ME, 8-26 and 27-17
Blue Angels Air Show, Brunswick, ME, 8-26-17

VFP Convention 2017 Chicago

Jackson Browne Benefit Concert 8-13-17
Education Not Militarization March 8-13-17
Closing Plenary 8-13-17
Candlelight March Against Racism and War 8-12-17
Banquet 8-12-17
Power to Peace Festival 8-11-17
Standing Rock Plenary 8-11-17
Media/Vietnam Full Disclosure Workshop 8-11-17
Veterans Speak Out Forum 8-10-17
Know War No War Workshop 8-10-17
Agent Orange Workshop 8-10-17
Antinuclear Weapons/Golden Rule Plenary 8-10-17
Opening Plenary 8-10-17
Poetry Reading 8-9-17
President’s Reception 8-9-17
Board Meeting 8-9-17

Founding of Camp Constellation 7-4-17
Woodstock Poetry Reading 6-30-17
Veterans on the March 5-30-17
Reading MLK Beyond Vietnam Speech 5-29-17
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 5-29-17
People’s Climate March 4-29-17

VFP Delegation to Palestine February-March 2017

VFP in Nabi Saleh 3-3-17
VFP at U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv 3-1-17
VFP at Knesset 2-28-17
VFP in Al Araqeeb 2-27-17
VFP Ramallah 2-25-17
VFP Hebron Open Shuhada Street 2-24-17
VFP Open Shuhada Street Market 2-22-17
VFP in Hebron 2-21-17
VFP at Bethlehem Museum of Natural History? 2-20-17
VFP at Aida Refugee Camp and tour of Bethlehem area 2-19-17
VFP at House of Hope, Al Azaria 2-18-17
VFP in Bil’in 2-17-17

Women’s March in Washington 1-21-17
Trump Counterinauguration Protest 1-20-17


VFP UK Remembrance Day 11-13-16
VFP UK “Creating Enemies” Panel 11-12-16
VFP UK Band Night 11-11-16
Standing rock protest and arrests 10-10-16
Standing with Standing Rock, Washington Square, 9-13-16
Indy Labor Day Barbecue 9-5-13
Ametek Rotron and Anti-Drone Protest, Woodstock, July 2-Aug. 21, 2016

DNC Philadelphia 2016

DNC Philadelphia Black Lives Matter March 7-26-16
DNC Philadelphia Poor People’s March 7-25-16
DNC Philadelphia Anti-Drone Display 7-24-16
DNC Philadelphia March for a Clean Energy Revolution 7-24-16

Albany Protest vs. Gov. Cuomo’s Anti-BDS Executive Order 6-15-16
Michael Ratner Memorial 6-13-16
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 5-30-16
VFP Memorial Day in NYC 5-29-16
Gail Miller’s Birthday 5-22-16
Harmonic Insurgence at Park Slope Methodist Church 5-15-16
Ray Korona Song Night PVC 4-16-16
Trump Demo at Grand Central Station 4-14-16
Multifaith Conference on Drones at Stony Point Conference Center 4-8 and 9-16
We Will Not Be Silent Anniversary 3-19-16
We Will Not Be Silent Anniversary 3-18-16
Highline Park 3-18-16
Veterans Challenge Islamophobia 2-27-16


VFP Delegation to Okinawa and Jeju Island December 2015

VFP in Okinawa 12-14-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-13-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-12-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-9 and 10-15
VFP in Okinawa 12-9 and 10-15 Airbases
VFP in Jeju Island 12-6-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-5-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-4-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-3-15
VFP in Jeju Island 12-2-15

Occupy Peace, Kingston, NY, 9-20-15
XDFest Woodstock, 9-12-15
Iran Peace Deal Protest 9-8-15

VFP Convention San Diego 2015

VFP Convention 8-8-15
VFP Convention 8-7-15
VFP Convention 8-6-15
VFP Convention 8-5-15–International Peace and Humanity Day

Ladendorf Dogs 8-15
Golden Rule Arrives in San Diego 8-2-15
VFP Meeting with Okinawa Governor 5-31-15
Okinawa Mayors Meeting, Washington, DC, 5-30-15
Letters to the Wall Memorial Day 2015 5-25-15
Dialogue Group Benefit for Maia Water Project, Brooklyn, 3-22-15
Spring Rising March and Rally 3-21-15
Spring Rising VFP Panel 3-20-15
Leepfrog User Conference, San Antonio, TX, 2-26-15
Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX, 2-25 and 26-15
We Carry the Names 1-5-15


Millions March New York City/Black Lives Matter 12-13-14
150 Names/We Will Not Be Silent 12-12-14
David Hartsough and Rev. Sekou at Catholic Worker 12-9-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-7-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-4-14
Eric Garner Protest 12-3-14
Michael Brown Protest 11-25-14
Michael Brown Protest 11-24-14
Michael Brown Protest 11-23-14
SOA Watch Rally and Funeral Procession 9-23-14
Veterans For Peace march at SOA 11-23-14
SOA Watch Concert, Columbus, GA, 11-21-14

Ferguson, MO, October 2014

Clergy Direct Action at Ferguson Police Station 10-13-14
Vonderrit Myers Protest, Ferguson, MO, 10-12-14
Ferguson Vigil at Memorial and March to Police 10-11-14
Ferguson National March and Rally 10-11-14
Vigil at Ferguson Police Station 10-10-14

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Afterparty 10-7-14
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10-7-14
Stand Up for Palestine 10-6-14
Laurie and Jon Jon party 10-5-14
Flood Wall Street 9-22-14
People’s Climate March New York, 9-21-14
Gaza protest on Brooklyn Bridge 8-20-14
Ferguson, MO, protest 8-16-14
Gaza demo at Jewish Community Center, New York, 8-12-14
Woodstock Gaza Vigil 8-10-14
Woodstock Gaza vigil 8-9-14
Gaza March at White House 8-2-14
Gaza Event at Busboys and Poets 8-1-14
Woodstock Palestine Vigil 7-13-14
FCC Net Neutrality 7-1-14
Cody Creek Farm, Saugerties, NY, 5-31-14Guantanamo Demo in Albany 5-23-14
Levanta at MaMA, Stone Ridge, NY, 3-15-14
Leepfrog Users Conference Cruise, St. Petersburg, FL, 2-28-14
Peace Poets at PMN, New York City, 1-25-14
Guantanamo Action DC 1-11-14
Winter morning at Hotel Davidson North, 1-4-14


Joanne Sheehan gets Ralph DiGia award 12-13-13

VFP Delegation to Palestine November 2017

VFP Palestine Delegation 11-24-13 Woodstock
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-22-13 Jaffa and U.S. Embassy
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-21-13 Jerusalem, Jaffa
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-20-13 Jerusalem, Combatants for Peace
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-19-13 Hebron, Jerusalem, Jenna Bitar
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-18-13 Hebron
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-17-13 Al Araqeeb
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-16-13 Jerusalem
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-15-13 Bil’in, Nabi Saleh
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-14-13 Jenin, Bil’in
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-13-13 Ramallah Jenin
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-12-13 Jeff Old City Ramallah art show
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-11-13 Old City, Mahmoud Zwahre, Rachel’s Tomb
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-10-13 Bustan Qaraaqa, Bethany-Al Azariah
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-9-13 Bustan Qaraaqa
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-8-13 Al Masra and Bustan Qaraaqa
VFP Palestine Delegation 11-7-13 Old City, Al Waleja

Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Wall Street march 10-8-13
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Arrests 10-7-13
TPP Protest, Washington, DC, 9-24-13
TPP Protest, Washington, DC, 9-23-13
Three Days of Guantanamo and Pelican Bay Prisoner Solidarity Sept. 4-6, 2013
Woodstock Vigil against Attack on Syria 9-1-13
Ben’s Bar Mitzvah dinner 8-10-13
Ben’s Bar Mitzvah 8-10-13
Guantanamo Protest Hart Senate Building 7-30-13
Guantanamo Vigil Woodstock 7-19-13
Ranucci Ratner Softball and Barbecue, Shokan, NY, 7-6-13
Guantanamo Protest at the White House 6-26-13
Dave Lippman Mindy Gershon Wedding 6-15-13
Bradley Manning Demo, Quantico, VA, 6-1-13
Keystone XL Pipeline Demo, New York, 5-13-13
Indy Benefit Party, Brooklyn, 5-7-13
Hudson Valley Sally Benefit for Woodstock VFP 4-21-13
Keystone XL Pipeline Protest at Transcanada Offices in Westborough, MA, 3-22-13
One Billion Rising V-Day, Times Square, 2-14-13
St. Louis Peabody Action 1-25-13


MECR Gaza Boat Vigil, Woodstock, 10-21-12
A Few Fall Views from Around Woodstock 10-20-12
A Walk Along the Trail by Big Deep 10-20-12
In Woodstock today, even the view at the town dump is nice 10-20-12
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza, NYC, 10-7-12
Tarak, Melodie, and Ellen Go Cross-Country, 9-26 to 10-1, 2012
Occupy Wall Street 1-Year Birthday 9-17-12
TPP Protest Leesburg, VA, 9-11-12
Stars Earn Stripes Protest, New York, 8-27-12
Great State of Maine Air Show Protest, Brunswick, ME, 8-26-12
Vacationland (Maine) 8-25-12
Great State of Maine Air Show Protest, Brunswick, ME, 8-25-12
Tour de Chomps, 05-23-09Linda and Maurizio at Jen and Laurie’s 8-10-12
VFP Convention 2012 Miami, Saturday Night Reception and Banquet 8-11-12
VFP Convention 2012 Miami, Friday Night 8-10-12
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival 7-21-12
Indypendent-Waging Nonviolence Benefit Party 6-26-12
March to Protest NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy 6-17-12
Woodstock Memorial Day Parade 5-28-12
Occupy the Landscape–A Walk for Human Rights from Woodstock to Catskill 5-26-12
Chicago Anti-NATO Protest 5-20-12
Veterans Try to Deliver Letter to NATO in Chicago 5-19-12
Veterans Peace Team Nonviolence Training in Chicago 5-19-12
May Day 2012
VPT Uniform (“I don’t care if it’s pink tights”) 4-8-12
Veterans Peace Team Joins Occupy Wall Street for Anti-Police Brutality March 3-24-12
Tarak’s 70th Birthday Weekend January 14 and 15, 2012