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It is my distinct privilege and pleasure to have been one of? the lawyers for all of those arrested.? As a criminal defense lawyer, this is what I do, but I rarely get the opportunity to stand with and represent such an outstanding group of individuals as I have in this case.? Over the course of time, I learned that each person has led a varied, productive, fascinating and meaningful life.? The individual histories lend themselves to full biography, but collectively they all found a way to get together in common purpose on October 7, 2012. A purpose I personally share, so what better use could I make of my time than signing on to this remarkable group?
The pleasure comes from being able to use my legal skills to carry out the political purposes my clients stood up for in the first place. To somehow continue carrying the message into the court room and to put it into the appropriate legal framework is the challenge for a political lawyer. I had fun working hard to make this happen and that it succeeded gives me even more pleasure. The gathering was to commemorate the Iraq War, to stand in solidarity with those killed in unjust wars, and to stand up to the artificial curfew imposed on a War Memorial. Each of these issues was addressed in the weeklong trial with no one backing down from the correctness of the stand!
Wow–nice trial, nice political/criminal trial in the best sense of the concept, and what a great crew of veterans and supporters to work with.

Marty Stolar