Student Stories

Emma Johnson

Oprah’s Favorite Things Feature CGS Student’s Design, Again

Emma Johnson (CGS)

SHA in India

An Intensive, Immersive Internship Experience in India

Jordan Fessehaie, Kian McGee, Leonie Grundler, and Serena Lipton (all SHA), Hospitality Administration

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Charity

Various (CAS, CGS, COM, ENG, Questrom)

Daria Lugina

Bringing Whimsy to Bay State Road

Daria Lugina (CAS, CFA), English and Painting

Diane Ogede

First Gen Student Spotlight

Diane Ogede (CAS, Pardee), Economics and International Relations

Anais Azul

Taking Note

Anaís Azul (CFA), Composition & Theory; Daniel Collins (CAS, CFA), Physics and Composition & Theory; and Lara Poe (CAS, CFA), Mathematics and Composition & Theory

Women’s Ice Hockey’s Impressive Sophomore Duo

Rebecca Leslie (Questrom), Business Administration and Management, and Victoria Bach (CGS)

Gregory Kerr YouTube history

Debunking Misconceptions about Other Cultures, on YouTube

Gregory Kerr (CAS), Classics and Philosophy

Saed Salah

My Own Boston

Ryan Lim (ENG, MED), Biomedical Engineering

Alexa Pisano

Selling Apparel to Benefit Ocean Conservation

Alexa Pisano (Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Tiffany Kim

K-pop Star Kim Na Yoon Puts Career on Hold for BU

Tiffany Kim (CGS, CAS), Economics

BU Board Games Club

BU Board Games Club: More Than Just a Roll of the Dice

Various (CAS, ENG, SED)

Kamila Foremny

First Gen Student Spotlight

Kamila Foremny (Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Engineering Mentors

Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Chitanya Gopu (ENG), Mechanical Engineering; Phillip Teng (ENG), Biomedical Engineering; and Varnica Bajaj (ENG), Biomedical Engineering

Julia Shaw

A Semester Devoted to Coffee

Julia Shaw (CAS), Urban Sustainability

Posse Scholars

BU Doubles Number of Posse Scholars

Various (CAS, CGS, Questrom, SAR)

Freddie Vargus

First Gen Student Spotlight

Freddie Vargus (CAS), Computer Science

Kate Donnellan

Swimming with Sharks (and Stingrays)

Kate Donnellan (CAS), Marine Science

Gretchen Garaghty

How GretchenLovesBeauty Became a YouTube Sensation

Gretchen Garaghty (Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Paolo Moreno

Meet the Designer behind Chemical X Fashion Company

Paolo Moreno (CGS)

Barbara Zayas

My Own Boston

Barbara Zayas (CAS, CGS), Sociology

Saed Salah

Meet the Students of CGS

Saed Salah (CGS, Questrom), Business Administration and Management

Allison Zuckerberg

Assisting Students Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Allison Zuckerberg (CAS), Biology with a specialization in Behavioral Biology


Art Magazine for Undergrads Going Strong

Various, (CAS, CFA, CGS)

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