Resources For Your Transition

It’s not always easy making the move to a new university. BU offers a wide variety of resources to help you feel at home here: from peer-mentoring and first-year student programs to counselors who are ready to help at the Student Health Services Center.

Educational Resource Center?(ERC)

The ERC helps you develop the academic skills required for BU’s rigorous programs. You can find a peer tutor, participate in a language group, or take advantage of test-prep workshops, and more.

Center for Career Development?(CCD)

As soon as you arrive at BU, you can use the CCD for help with academic choices and to prepare for your future career. In addition, they can connect you with impressive internship opportunities.

Academic Counseling Within Your School or College

Faculty advisors and academic counselors are available within each of BU’s undergraduate schools and colleges to help you transition to BU, plan your degree program, and register for courses. Faculty office hours, pre-law and pre-medical advising, and one-on-one guidance are just a few of the resources available.

Guaranteed On-Campus Housing

With guaranteed housing, transfer students enjoy many amenities, including the ability to request to live with other transfer students, professional security, and responsive facilities management, all for reasonable prices in some of the most desirable locations in Boston. You’ll also build supportive living and learning communities near your classrooms, libraries, and dining halls. Accommodations available to transfer students range from historic brownstones to modern high-rises to suite-style apartments.


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