Transfer of Credit

Transfer credit evaluations are completed in the Office of the University Registrar for all admitted students who have completed college coursework in the U.S. You must submit syllabi for all college coursework completed prior to enrolling at Boston University, for which you wish to receive transfer credit. Please submit your syllabi as separate PDF or Word attachments (one attachment/syllabus) to [email protected]. If your syllabi do not fit in one email, you may send multiple emails. Please include your name and date of birth in the body of each email.

Transfer students who have completed college coursework internationally will receive their transfer credit evaluations through Undergraduate International Admissions. You may contact this office at [email protected] or 617-353-4492.

Transfer applicants from Chinese Universities: In order to be considered for admission and/or transfer credit, please arrange for a verification report of your university transcript with the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The report must be in English and mailed directly to Boston University Admissions by the CDGDC, rather than by you or any third party.

Shortly after being notified of your admission as a transfer student, you will receive a tentative evaluation of your completed transfer credit. Once final grades are submitted you will receive your updated completed evaluation.

BU generally awards credit for liberal arts courses completed with a grade of C or better at a regionally accredited institution. Professional courses may transfer at the discretion of the admitting school or college. You can use our?transfer equivalency site as a guide to how classes taken at other colleges or universities may transfer to Boston University.?You will not receive transfer credit for:

  • physical education, recreational or ROTC courses
  • activities such as orientation, choir, band or student service
  • correspondence courses
  • Dual Enrollment courses that counted toward earning your high school diploma

The basic unit of credit at Boston University is the semester hour. A typical, full-time course load is 16 hours per semester—usually four courses of four semester hours each. For transferable courses on a semester-credit-hour system, you’ll receive an equal number of semester hours. For courses on a quarter-credit-hour system, you’ll receive two-thirds of the total number of quarter-hours.?If your course is approved for transfer, only the credits earned at your institution will transfer to BU and count towards the total credits required for graduation.

Each school and college has its own degree and residency requirements, which transfer students must fulfill. For details, please refer to the Undergraduate Programs website.

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