STEP 2: Submit Your Syllabi


What’s a syllabus, anyway?

It’s an official outline and summary of topics covered in a course, usually including the instructor’s name, class location, course outline, content, expectations, and other important information.

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Get started—the sooner, the better.

Starting early is the key to a smooth and easy credit evaluation process.

  • Credits from a US college or university? We suggest submitting your documents shortly after applying to BU. Evaluation will begin as soon as you are admitted.
  • Credits from an international university? You’re also encouraged to submit documents soon after applying. Evaluation will begin after you’ve been admitted and have submitted an enrollment deposit.
  • Questions? Our credit advisors are happy to provide advice and answers to your questions, even before we start reviewing your syllabi. Send your questions to [email protected] for US coursework, or to [email protected] for international coursework.

Which syllabi should you submit?

We’ll need a separate syllabus for every course you want to receive credit for—both completed and current courses. Be sure to follow the instructions below for submitting this information. International students, please check the special instructions for students studying overseas.

  • Only syllabi for courses in which you received at least a grade C or equivalent will be considered. Do include syllabi for your current courses, but remember to submit your final grades to BU when they come in.
  • Do not send syllabi for courses that earned Dual Enrollment credits toward your high school graduation. We do not award credits for physical education, recreational, ROTC, or correspondence courses. Activities such as orientation, choir, band, or student service do not receive credit.
  • All course syllabi must be from regionally accredited institutions.

Missing a syllabus or two?

If you don’t have a syllabus for a course you took in the past, contact the school you attended and request a syllabus for the current version of the course. It’s rare to receive course credit without a syllabus. For questions, email us at [email protected].

How and where to submit your syllabi

  1. Submit the syllabus for each course in a separate PDF or Word document attached to an email. If they won’t all fit in one email, please send multiple emails.
  2. Include your name and date of birth in the body of each email or at the top of each syllabus.
  3. Where you send your syllabi will depend on where you studied. Courses taken in the US are evaluated by the Registrar; courses taken abroad are evaluated by International Admissions. It’s where you took the course that matters—not your citizenship.
    Example: A student from China, studying at a community college in the US, would submit syllabi to the Registrar.

    • Syllabi for US coursework should be emailed to the Registrar’s Office at [email protected]. If you prefer, you can mail each printed syllabus with your name and date of birth at the top to: 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02215.
    • Syllabi for international coursework should be emailed to BU International Admissions at [email protected]. If you prefer, you can mail each printed syllabi with your name and date of birth at the top to: 881 Commonwealth Avenue, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02215. See more special instructions for students studying overseas.

  4. We’ll say it again: submit your syllabi early!

Other things you should know

  • Your admission decision will not be influenced in any way by the syllabi you submit.
  • An associate’s degree doesn’t take the place of course syllabi. You still need to submit every syllabus for evaluation.

Special instructions for students studying overseas

  1. If your course syllabi are written in a foreign language, please submit an official English translation along with the original document.
  2. If the overseas university you attend does not provide course syllabi, we will assist you. Please contact International Admissions at [email protected] for help in transferring your credits.
  3. Since international credit evaluations require a skilled credit specialist, you will not receive an evaluation until after you’ve been admitted and submitted an enrollment deposit. But we encourage you to submit your documents as soon as you have applied for transfer admission to BU.


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