STEP 5: View your credit award decision


The wait is over—
your results are posted online.

When the review process is complete, we’ll notify you by email. You’ll find a comprehensive summary of the results online, including the courses you’ll receive credit for and how many credits will be awarded for each.

  • Information about your credit evaluation?be posted on the Applicant Link.


How many credits will you receive?



1 : 1Amount of transferable course credit hours you will receive at BU from a semester-credit-hour system.

2/3Amount of transferable course credit hours you will receive at BU from a quarter-credit-hour system.

4Number of credits per course at BU. If you’re transferring from a university with a different number of credits per course, please contact the Registrar at [email protected] to learn how your credits will transfer. Credit for international curricula may vary; please contact BU International Admissions at [email protected] to learn how your credits will transfer.

64Maximum amount of credits BU accepts from a two-year college.

80Maximum amount of credits BU accepts from a four-year institution.

Here’s what your credit award does not do:

  • It does not determine your class standing. After you are admitted, your class year will be determined by the BU school or college in which you enroll.
  • It does not affect your grade point average (GPA). Once you enroll, you’ll start at BU with a new undergraduate GPA.

What if you don’t get the credits you expected?

If some of your credits don’t transfer and you fall short of the class standing you anticipated, it’s likely that you can still graduate within a reasonable time frame. Many students take summer courses to stay on track for their target graduation date.


                                  1. 2158921867 2018-03-19
                                  2. 6684721866 2018-03-19
                                  3. 6748191865 2018-03-19
                                  4. 9844901864 2018-03-19
                                  5. 6496501863 2018-03-19
                                  6. 1264431862 2018-03-19
                                  7. 287611861 2018-03-19
                                  8. 435011860 2018-03-19
                                  9. 46631859 2018-03-19
                                  10. 3003201858 2018-03-19
                                  11. 6576621857 2018-03-19
                                  12. 1666711856 2018-03-19
                                  13. 5451351855 2018-03-19
                                  14. 3302291854 2018-03-19
                                  15. 2577171853 2018-03-19
                                  16. 4638801852 2018-03-19
                                  17. 901561851 2018-03-19
                                  18. 2279641850 2018-03-18
                                  19. 2825201849 2018-03-18
                                  20. 5725531848 2018-03-18