Metropolitan College & Extended Education


Community interaction, whether on the local or global level, has always been integral to Boston University’s mission. Metropolitan College & Extended Education upholds that principle by making the University’s resources—intellectual, academic, and physical—accessible to a broad audience of working professionals and students of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.

Metropolitan College & Extended Education provides both opportunity and flexibility for students who might not otherwise participate in learning at the University. Employing the principles of excellence, accessibility, and innovation, we strive to reach out to diverse populations with relevant, challenging, and rewarding programs.

We invite you to explore our dynamic offerings.

Metropolitan College (MET)

MET is one of Boston University’s 16 degree-granting schools and colleges.

Summer Term

Summer Term coordinates the University’s summer academic programming. Summer Term offers over 700 courses in as many as 70 subjects annually, attracting a vibrant mix of high school, college, and professional students from around the United States and the world.

Center for Professional Education

The Center for Professional Education (CPE) specializes in non-credit certificate programs and individual courses for a professional audience and those seeking career enrichment or change. Courses are available evenings, Saturdays, and online.

BU Online

The Distance Education office administers Boston University’s online programs, bringing high-quality degree and certificate programs to students worldwide.

International Initiatives

Boston University’s Metropolitan College is committed to exploring what it means to be truly global in nature, so that our mission, organization, curriculum, and ventures abroad accurately reflect and accommodate the needs of students and industries worldwide. MET International delivers on-campus programs exclusively to students from international partner institutions. International students benefit from industry-leading academic models and gain access to the Boston University experience. Programs include the undergraduate Semester in Boston, as well as graduate certificates with internship opportunities.

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