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Full-time faculty

Micki Taylor-Pinney


  • Director of Dance, Instructor of Modern Dance, Dance History, and Dance Aesthetics
  • Adjunct Faculty in the College of Fine Arts
  • Advisor for dance minors and coordinator of the summer outreach program for teens
  • BS with honors in Physical Education with Dance Concentration, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • MFA in Dance, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Micki joined the Dance Collective in 1986 and was artistic director from 1998 to 2006. Her work has been commissioned by the musical ensembles Alea III and the Brookline Chorus. She is coauthor of a how-to manual for teaching dance to children, a product of a teacher-training grant in the Boston Public Schools. She served as officer and board member of Boston Dance Alliance for eight years and is now artistic director of Mass Movement, Inc., which brings dance education to schools and after-school programs through Young Audiences of Massachusetts.

Ann Brown Allen


  • Instructor of Afro-Jazz, Ballet, and Pilates
  • Pilates Manager
  • BA in Education and Psychology, Simmons College

For the past two decades, Ann has performed with all of Boston’s major modern and jazz dance companies, including Peter DiMuro and Associates, Back Porch Dancers, and Dance Collective of Boston, and has toured New England, New York, and Europe. She has also been a guest artist with several ballet companies.

Lynda Rieman


  • Theatre Manager/Assistant Coordinator of Dance
  • Graduate of Bard College

Lynda has over 25 years of experience as a production/stage manager and lighting designer in the field of dance, having worked and toured primarily with San Francisco–based companies, including the Oberlin Dance Collective, CONTRABAND, the Dance Brigade, Theater Artaud, and Joe Goode Performance Group. Currently she collaborates with Kairos Dance, Margot Parsons and Cambridge Youth Dance Program designing lights, sets, and rigging. Her love for aerial dance began at Bard College, where she created many dances using rope and cloth. In 1979 she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to study low-flying trapeze with Terry Sendgreff. She and Joanna Haigood founded Zaccho Dance Theater (1980), which incorporated many aerial components into the company’s site-specific work.

Part-Time Dance Faculty

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