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Bring the whole family.

FitRec is the family-friendliest fitness and recreation center you’ll find. It’s a safe, supervised environment where children can learn. play, and acquire a lifetime love of staying fit—all conveniently close to home. We offer dozens of classes and activities for kids, parent-child classes to share, spring and summer vacation camps, and rentable facilities for birthday parties. With our affordable family memberships and exceptional facilities and services, you get a great value.

Faculty and staff families love us.

FitRec is one of the best fringe benefits of working at BU, and everyone in your family gets to share it. Some of our classes are free for members; most others are discounted. Browse through our family programs, take a tour, and see how easy it can be to make fitness a part of your family’s life.

Not from BU? You’re invited, too.

You don’t need a membership or a BU connection to take advantage of our programs and facilities. Wouldn’t your kids love a swimming or rock-climbing class? What about a birthday party at the pool, the climbing wall, or the gym? Maybe you’re looking for a great summer camp experience for them—we have that, too. With affordable rates for the general public, your family can enjoy the best of FitRec without breaking the bank.

Right this minute, you could be:

Video: Climbing a 30-foot wall with your child

Share a private climbing lesson on our popular indoor climbing wall. It’s safe and fun with an experienced instructor teaching you the ropes. Climbing is great exercise for kids and adults, muscles and mind. No wonder it’s easy to get hooked!

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