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Get off to a strong start.

Whatever your reasons for diving into a new fitness program, we know it isn’t easy to take the plunge. We also know how to help beginners feel comfortable and motivated from Day One—possibly the most important day of all. Because you won’t make fitness a habit unless it feels right, right from the start.

So you’re new to BU.

Lots of new FitRec members are. You may have noticed that encouraging fitness is part of BU’s DNA. That’s hardly surprising with a world-class fitness and recreation center on campus. Our location and hours make it easy to fit in a workout or class before work, after work, or at lunchtime. We also offer great programs for kids and families—not to mention tempting, discounted memberships for faculty and staff.

So your doctor sent you.

Need to get your weight and cholesterol down? Maybe you were advised to exercise for a medical condition. It’s good to know our staff is trained to help you start safely and progress at your own pace. With our tremendous variety of facilities and classes, your fitness program can be as diverse as you like. And you can start with a personal trainer to learn the basics of using our equipment.

So you’re a fitness dropout.

If you used to exercise regularly but let your routine lapse, you’re not alone. And you probably remember how much better you felt physically and mentally in the old days. With a FitRec membership, you can get that feeling back—along with your motivation, energy, and the sense of well-being that comes from living a healthy lifestyle. Our remarkable range of fitness options eliminates workout boredom, the downfall of so many exercise programs.

Right this minute, you could be:

Video: Having fun in a swim aerobics class

It’s low-impact, great aerobic exercise, and ideal for those with little or no swimming experience. In our beautiful aquatic center, you’ll learn an important life skill in a safe environment, with personal guidance from your instructor.

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