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Climb the Great Wall of FitRec.

Why? Because it is there. Our amazing, 30-foot indoor Barreca Climbing Wall is an endorphin-pumping challenge to use every muscle in your body, including the one between your ears. Climbing at FitRec is exciting, fun, and designed for climbers of all ages and abilities. We also have also a 12-foot bouldering structure for newbies and climbers practicing new techniques using crash pads and spotters. Members have free access to our great wall anytime during open recreation hours.

Classes for beginners and savvy climbers

If you’re a first-timer or unsure of your climbing skills, we suggest taking an introductory class for fun or credit before tackling the wall on your own. More advanced classes can help even seasoned climbers improve their form and technique. We offer lessons for adults, kids, and parents and kids together. If you prefer, arrange private or semi-private climbing lessons for more personal attention.

All first time users of the climbing wall must undergo a brief orientation before using the wall. Climbing gear is available for rent at the Pro Shop.

Take a private lesson!

Adult private lessons are perfect for those wishing to push their physical limits, or learn specific climbing skills such as lead climbing, rappelling, or anchor building,

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Climbing Wall Hours

Monday – Thursday

12 pm – 2 pm
7?pm?– 10:30 pm

Friday – Sunday

4:30 pm?– 9 pm


Pay credit class fees

Taking a climbing class for academic credit? Pay your credit class fee today.

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Rent the Wall

Hosting a birthday party or office function? Rent our Barreca Climbing Wall and take your event to new heights.

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