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You can fit fitness in.

We make it easy to make a healthy workout part of your daily routine. Take a class or use our facilities before work, at lunch, or in the evening to unwind. If your workout time is limited, try maximizing every minute with a personal trainer. Getting here is easy—we’re right on campus, convenient to public transportation. And if you’re a BU faculty or staff member, you get a sizeable discount on membership and all classes.

Hail to the morning conqueror.

An early bird workout can energize you for the whole day. We open at 6 a.m. to give you ample time before work. And unlike most gyms, FitRec is usually quiet and uncrowded in the early mornings before 9.

Where the time-crunched do lunch.

Instead of a heavy meal, dig into an hour at FitRec. Then grab a sandwich or snack at our Healthy Blends Cafe. You’ll feel more awake and energetic when you head back to the office.

Exercise, the evening stress-buster.

Get your fitness fix after work, and see how it blows away the stress of the day. Watch the sunset from our elevated running track, take an evening class, or savor a night swim.

Right this minute, you could be:

Video: Learning how to de-stress in a yoga class

A course in yoga fundamentals is perfect for beginners or intermediate students. You’ll learn proper alignment, breathing techniques, and proven ways to stretch and strengthen muscles without injury. You can almost hear your brain say, “Ahhhhh.”

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