Board of Trustees Adopts BU Climate Action Plan

On December 7, The Board of Trustees voted to formally adopt the recommendations of the Climate Action Plan Task Force, which is chaired by Pardee Center Director Anthony Janetos. The Task Force’s final report calls on the University to make the BU campuses more resilient to the physical effects of climate change and attain net zero direct greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Click here to read more.

Postdoc Laurence Delina Authors New Book on Sustainable Energy Transitions

Pardee Center post-doctoral associate Laurence Delina recently authored his second book. The book, which stems from an international workshop he convened last summer, explores how transitions away from carbon-based fuel sources to renewables occur in fourteen developing countries. Click here to read more.

From the Multimedia Library
WATCH: Reducing Emissions by Pricing Carbon: How Microsoft and Yale are leading the charge

On September 21, the Boston Green Ribbon Commission and Boston University co-hosted a panel discussion on Internal Carbon Funds, highlighting efforts at Microsoft and Yale to change their organizational cultures and reduce emissions by embedding the price of carbon into their internal business practices. Click here to watch the video.

From the Publications Library
READ: Governance Issues in China’s Food Sufficiency vs. Virtual Water Debate

In this Issues in Brief, former Graduate Summer Fellow Junda Jin explores the opportunities and challenges of implementing “virtual water” policies in China, specializing in producing foods that require less water and importing those that use more, as a solution to both water scarcity and the threat of food insecurity. Click here to download the paper.