Academic Information

Academic Credit

A full course load in a standard six-week summer session at Boston University is eight semester credits (generally two courses) or a total of 16 semester credits for the full Summer Term.

Credit for Boston University courses offered during Summer Term may be applied toward any Boston University degree under conditions established by the faculty recommending for the degree; but in view of the diverse requirements for different degrees, students should have their selections approved in advance at the School or College to which the credit is to be submitted.

Transfer of Credit

Boston University students are expected to take their courses at Boston University Summer Term unless, for reasons of extreme distance, students cannot get to our campus during the summer. In particular, courses offered by other Boston-area institutions may not be transferred back to Boston University unless a) the course is a program requirement and is not offered in the Boston University Summer Term, or b) prior approval has been obtained from both the responsible department chair and dean of the requesting student. Boston University students who have been granted permission to take classes elsewhere must have their course selections approved at the School or College to which the credit is to be applied.

Visiting students expecting to transfer summer credit to other institutions should secure advance approval of their course selections from the institution to which they wish to transfer credit.

Transcript of Grades

Transcript of Grades

Requests for official transcripts may be made using the Student Link. A transcript fee is charged for all official transcripts. Please refer to the Registrar's office website for complete information on how to order an official transcript.

Official transcripts can also be obtained in person at the Registrar's office during regular business hours. A valid photo ID is required. Please contact the Registrar's Office for any question you might have.

Boston University Office of the Registrar
881 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-3612
Email: [email protected]


The designation of “Audit” is a registration status used when students officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit. Audit courses are subject to full tuition and fees.

Students may register for a class on an audit basis only when space is available and only with the permission of the instructor. Students who receive permission to audit a course are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assigned readings. Other requirements regarding participation are to be agreed upon by the student and instructor.

A Permission to Audit form must be completed and returned to the Summer Term Office. The last day to add courses with audit status or convert classes from credit to audit is the same date as the last day to add courses for credit.

No audited courses can be counted toward a degree. They cannot be paid for with financial aid.

Audited courses will be designated as AU on the transcript; however, failure to meet the requirements agreed upon by student and faculty can result in a student being officially withdrawn from the course at the instructor’s request, in which case the student will receive a mark of “W” on his or her transcript.

All students attending and participating in a course must be officially registered. Students are not allowed to "sit-in" on summer courses.


Boston University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. The individual schools and colleges of the University carry additional accreditation in their respective fields.